Area Guides


Situated just off Hyde Park corner, Woodhouse is a great area for students looking for good quality houses close to the universities. Living here, you have a slightly more relaxed environment than Hyde Park; perfect for students wanting a bit more peace and quiet.

McColl’s and One Stop are just around the corner for your convenience along with the Meanwood Valley trail which is great for some fresh air and a good trip out. If you fancy a drink, Hyde Park Pub is a few minutes away or head into Headingley or Hyde Park for a bit more choice.



  • University of Leeds –   15-Minute Walk
  • Leeds Beckett City Campus –   22-Minute Walk
  • Leeds Beckett Headingley Campus ­–   20-Minute Walk
  • Leeds Arts University –    20-Minute Walk
  • Leeds Trinity University (Horsforth) –   30-Minute Bus from Hyde Park Corner
  • Leeds College of Music –   45-Minute Walk


Key Features:

  • McColl’s
  • One Stop
  • Hyde Park Pub
  • Oranaise
  • LS6 Café
  • TJ’s Bar & Grill
  • Meanwood Valley Trail
  • Wat Buddharam